Monthly Archives: December 2019

Jamaican Me Healthy: Why Jamaican Food Is Actually Good For You and Your Physique

Aside from the savory beef patties and mouthwatering island cocktails, did you know that Jamaican food is actually healthy for you? In fact, eating Jamaican cuisine is probably one of the healthiest resolutions you can make (and of course keep) in 2017. Here’s why! There are many nutritional and health benefits found in Jamaican food and there have been many articles and research conducted to prove the notion. So, take heed that while at any of The Island Spot’s two […]

We Need You! Vote for The Island Spot for Best Dine-In Restaurant for Local Love Awards

Award-winning jerk chicken; best of DFW — these are all titles that The Island Spot has proudly accumulated over the years. And while all of these awards and mentions have been nothing less than humbling, we are always grateful when the people’s vote drives our status; because without you, the community, The Island Spot would be just (well) another spot on the block. It is our pleasure to announce that The Island Spot has been selected as a nominee by our […]

The Island Spot’s Ultimate Rum Tasting: Rum, Rum, Yum!

What goes perfectly with reggae and rich food? Rum….and The Island Spot has a lot of it! Rich food, reggae and rum are the three key cultural aspects of The Island Spot. With over 30 rum labels hailing from 15 different islands at our Rum Bar, it is clear that The Island Spot loves rum. To celebrate the rich history that surrounds this “spirit” we launched our first Ultimate Rum Tasting this month to pour a few flights and vibe with […]